Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Been awhile

This is the longest stretch I've gone without posting since I started the blog.

I've been extremely busy in my personal life.

A few weeks ago my wife, son, and I got to go to the State Championships here in Ohio and it was a blast as usual.

When I told people at work that I was going to be off for the rest of week and said that it's my favorite weekend of the year they thought I was joking. I explained to them that it's my wife's too.

It was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the tournament as a fan of wrestling. Since my wife and I have been married, we have been to 3 out of 4 State tournaments. It is so impressive how well the tournament is ran. It stays right on schedule.

There were some unbelievable matches of course and the Semi-finals and consolations Semi-finals were just as good as the finals. We chatted it up with fans and some of the parents of the wrestlers.

We had a pretty extensive conversation with David Taylor's father and let me say that the man knows his wrestling. My wife really liked him. It's good to see a parent like this and not all over their child obnoxiously.

Since the tournament the only officiating I've done is one night of basketball and one day of flag football.

This Saturday I'll be at Lakota West for an offseason Varsity dual tournament. That will be fun and we'll be working hard because it will be 6 officials on 6 mats.

It's already been a few weeks since I've got on the mat and it doesn't take long to get cobwebs. However, it'll be ok. I'm ready to rock!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wrestling Division III Districts

Last Sunday I had a warm-up for this weekend's Districts. The youth district at Mason was awesome and the little guys were going at it.

But this past weekend at Kettering Fairmont high school was full go for everyone! Let me say that this was my first District that I officiated in. Not bragging by any means but I've had several coaches ask me why haven't I got a District or I should be reffing Districts. It's nice to hear but doesn't mean much until you actually do it and do it well.

I definitely felt like this was my strongest weekend of the season and I'm very glad about that because I know the kids are depending on their own skills but definitely want us to be on our 'A' game.

We had 10 officials for 4 mats and at 3pm Friday it was time to get started.

I would have to say my peers had a great showing as well. Of course it's expected because all of us had to be voted in and some of the guys were state officials. For the most part, the coaches didn't get to upset over the weekend. Just battling for their kids.

Friday night we wrestled the first and second round of Championships and one consolation round.

There definitely is a sequence of events that stands out to me during the tournament. Of course the championship semi-finals and championship finals were awesome. But let me tell you that the most electric and loudest the gym got was during the consolation semi-finals. The intensity was so thick. I can feel the adrenaline trying to creep back up typing this.

The kids and coaches were leaving everything out there on the mat and the fans were screaming hoarse. Just like most of the rounds we had two officials on the mat focused like no other.

There was serious passion, tears, disappointment, and overcome of joy to the near point of collapsing. This round was it for some of them. Win and you punch your ticket to the dance, lose and you go home. Man you feel for the kids but we had a job to do.

It was an honor and a blast to be a part of. I got a long well with all of the officials and we seemed to work well together. I will see some of them at our banquet in a few weeks. Bob, Bruce, Dan, Dick, Galen, Mike, Remy, Mike, and Rick, it was fun officiating with you guys and Thanks for helping bring the season to a positive close. You can be my wing man anytime. (Yeah Dan I know it's cheesy.)

See some of you at State next week.

To all of the readers, I'll still be blogging in the offseason even though I'm taking off from Arena 2 this year. I'll actually be officiating the Ourway Jr. High State this Sunday.

Well if I can convince my wife to be cool about it. Lol!

Special Thanks to Lisa Lesh for the pics!