Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I mentioned back on August 21st that it has been a different kind of offseason for me and I meant it. The economy effected my place of employment and I am very blessed to have made it through the year with a job. With that said my position at work changed and it made it really tough for me to keep up with the blog over this past season.

However, it is now time for wrestling and I will blogging once again. But before I get into that I can recount my most memorable football game this past year with ease. That's because it was the last college football game that we had.

Earlham @ Denison

Denison controlled most of game and had a 17-0 lead in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately one of the Earlham players was injured. All of his teammates were geniunely concerned as they rallied around him before he was taken off the field by the paramedics. They wer convinced to come back and win for their teammate. Next thing you know it was 17-7, 17-14, and with 33 seconds left Earlham took the lead 21-17.

Denison marched right down the field and with no time on the clock through about a 40 yard pass down towards my side of the field and our Back Judge had a flag because the defense interfered with the receiver. So we had one untimed down and the offense tried again down my sideline but the pass fell to the ground and just like that my season was over. What an intense way for it to end.

One thing, though. I fibbed a little unintentionally. Thinking back the most memorable moment this year was our Line Judge getting JACKED UP ON A NON-PLAY! He was rushing up the field in preparation for an onside kick and the team on our side was short a player. So at the same time one of the biggest players on this field ran at the same time. They were both running full speed and it was crazy to observe. Our poor LJ went flying and he had a laceration above his left eye and man was he woozy.

We didn't show him a lot of sympathy though. He's a former Marine and we knew he could take it. Sorry Jonesy, but you're the man none the less.