Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 4 of the high school football season is already in the books. The season really flies!

Our high school game this past Friday was a great game! Columbus Bishop Watterson came down to Cincinnati to play Winton Woods.

Watterson busted a long run down their sideline on the 4th play of the game, and just like that. I had to call a sideline warning. Officials, I will tell you that if you are having a problem with the sidelines staying out of the white, throw your flag. It is not something that I like to do by any means, but I am there to officiate the game and not worry about seeing someone out of the corner of my eye and running into them. The sideline was great the rest of the night.

The teams were playing hard and it was 14-14 at the half. The second half came down to the 4th quarter with about 5 minutes to go as Winton Woods scored to make it 20-14. However, they missed the extra point. So we were prepared for an intense finish. But on the kickoff Watterson lost the ball on a fumble. Winton Woods kicked a field and sealed the deal with a 23-14 win.

As a crew we had a solid game the players definitely kept us on our P's and Q's. Unfortunately we had to call about 4 personal fouls in the game.

After it was all said and done it was a good night. My wife came to the game with one of her friends and they couldn't wait for us all to go out to eat afterwards.

That is my wife's favorite part of the night.


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